We're helping nonprofits make
innovative use of technology
to address social challenges.

The ways we are helping

Introductory ‘Design Hop’ workshops

Design Hops are the first step for charities exploring the role of digital in their services. By demystifying technology and design approaches, this free half-day creative workshop builds confidence and motivation to focus on the immediate next steps for each organisation to develop user-centred digital services. Our hops are being delivered online for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic.

About Design Hops

Want to build #BetterDigitalServices?

These 10 design principles can help you develop more effective digital services. They've been created by and for the UK social sector, facilitated by CAST. The resource includes tips, tools, checklists and stories of leading nonprofits and grantmakers, to help social organisations 'build the right thing in the right way'.

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The ways we have helped

CAST continues to develop new services that meet the changing needs of charities. Our previous programmes have included:

The world's first tech accelerator for established nonprofits

Over an intensive 12 week programme, Fuse works with established nonprofits

About Fuse

Helping nonprofit CEOs and senior leaders understand digital

An expert-led action learning programme culminating in a design workshop

About Fellowship

"CAST are doing essential work with charities and creating an incredible shift in the way the third sector approaches innovation. The support and knowledge gained through CAST’s Fuse programme has shaped Breast Cancer Care’s innovation process. The app that was incubated in the programme, BECCA, goes from strength to strength in supporting women globally who are affected by breast cancer. The ongoing relationship with CAST, and unwavering support that they offer, has also played a key role in the continued success of the app, which received £655,000 Big Lottery funding in December 2017."

Training and Learning

We run practical training workshops on a range of topics.

These explore sector-relevant techniques for researching, designing, prototyping and piloting new digital products and services.

Interviews and research

Getting to know your audience

If you don’t know your users’ needs and behaviours, you won’t be able to design effective services for them.

This session shows how to prepare and run effective one-to-one research sessions.

Testing and prototyping

From ideas to end-to-end service plans

Before you roll out your new service you want to ensure it’s well tested with the target users and the kinks are ironed out.

Learn tactics and methods of testing, including why we prototype and how to set up a pilot

Uncovering financial value and sustainability

How is your new service going to sustain itself?

Great tech for good products deliver user value, social value and financial value.

Understand different business models that can make it sustainable, and how to apply these in your own context.

"We worked with CAST in 2017 on a user-centred review of our digital products and services. It was a fantastic experience! Together we mapped out what we knew, and needed to know, about our users and their needs. We then conducted user interviews, analysed data, and developed, tested, iterated and re-tested prototypes. We emerged with a clear understanding of user behaviour and needs which has informed our future strategy. I love working with the amazing team at CAST and we already have some more projects underway, including training and support to embed user research, and a planned workshop for the entire NCVO team!"

Bespoke consultancy


If our funded programmes don’t quite fit the needs of your organisation, we can probably still help!


Our digital experts work alongside organisations to design bespoke programmes of work. These respond to unique challenges, teams and needs.


We apply our core principles of learn-by-doing, digital skills transfer and a user-led, test-driven approach.


"Along the way I felt supported, challenged and inspired. My team got to try out guerrilla testing for the first time and CAST ran two user research playback sessions with me for colleagues, which were very well received."


"By repurposing an existing off-the-shelf platform rather than commissioning a new, whizzy bit of technology, Refugee Action has a sustainable product that can develop and grow, is easy to update and is professionally maintained."

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